Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Track 1

This course is purposely designed and developed for first-line supervisors (SG18 and above) . It serves as an enabling tool towards understanding one’s self and career, handling responsibilities, becoming better leaders, and learning essential communication process.

Duration: 4 days; Course Fee: P6,000; Dates: Feb. 24-27; May 12-15; July 13-17; Aug. 11-14; Oct. 13-16


Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Tracks 2&3  *Pre-requisite : SDC Track 1

Specifically designed and developed for first-line supervisors (SG18 and above), this course serves as a guide in assessing one’s organization’s readiness for change and empowerment, developing and enhancing one’s skills in making effective presentation, and imparting basic skills on planning and leading a meeting.

Duration: 4 days; Course Fee: P6,000; Dates: Apr. 21-24; July 27-30; Nov. 17-20


Leave Administration go to Course Effectiveness (LACE)

This course aims to capacitate government officials and employees on proper administration of leave benefits as well as enhance and develop accurate computation skills on the matter.

Duration: 2 days; Course Fee: P3,200; Dates: Mar. 3-4; Apr. 14-15; June 18-19; Aug. 26-27


Public Service Ethics and Accountability (PSEA)

This course aims to imbibe in all government officials and employee ideal attitudes and traits that promotes ethical and accountable service to the public.  It is also designed to develop a revitalized public service work culture that encourages responsive, participative efficient and effective services as well as formulate plans and strategies that will prevent and detect corruption.

Duration: 2 days; Course Fee: P3,200; Dates: May 6-7; Nov. 26-27


Basic Customer Service Skills (BCSS)

This is a course which encourages all government officials and employees to improve customer responsiveness, develop customer-oriented culture within the agency, and arouse understanding in the significance of service excellence. At the end of the course, the participants are expected to learn one’s critical roles in improving excellent service to client and one’s own agency, acuire better understanding of customers’ or clients’ behavior, and obtain necessary skill in handling various types of customers or clients.

Duration: 2 days; Course Fee: P3,200; Dates: Mar. 16-17; May 21-22; Aug. 17-18


Enhanced Training on Appointment Preparation (ETAP)

This is a course which intends to upgrade the knowledge, skills and understanding of    government officials and employees who are in-charge of personnel actions on the policies, systems, and procedures on appointments processing and other personnel actions.

Duration: 2 days; Course Fee: P3,200; Dates: Mar. 9-10; June 23-24; Oct. 28-29


Seminar-Workshop on Administrative Justice (SWAJ)

This course aims to teach and update all government officials and employees who conduct administrative investigations and handle non-disciplinary cases for effective and concise report writing and proper kno-how on related policies.

Duration: 3 days; Course Fee: P4,500; Dates: Mar. 23-25; June 3-5; Nov. 10-12


Values Orientation Workshop (VOW)  *Agency-Requested Training Only

Designed for first-level and seconds-level employees, this workshop capitalizes on adult learning process that includes activity analysis, abstraction and application. This course promotes values clarification and commitment to one’s set of positive values for setting of action plans geared towards effectiveness and productivity.

Duration: 3 days; Course Fee: P4,500


Gender Sensitivity Seminar (GSS)  *Agency-Requested Training Only

This course is designed for all government officials and employees and aims to promote awareness on gender needs and equality among both sexes as well as address gender gaps/issues/concerns and stereotyped images of women.

Duration: 1 day; Course Fee: P1,600


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*For more information on agency-requested trainings, please contact the Human Resource Division at 781-1156 or 740-8412 local 224.